White Wine

Wine reaches its highest levels of excellence in its white variety, an authentic treasure of viticulture which can be found in all of its glory with Mediterranean Spirit; Discover a catalogue of the most exquisite national and international white wines thanks to the nuances of the ingredients, the expressiveness of its flavour and the intensity of its aromas, whilst being left to age in American and French oak barrels for up to 4 years.

For hundreds of years, the region of La Rioja has been recognised as one of the most important homes of white wines and deserving of numerous protected geographical indications (IGPs) and a Designation of Origin certificate (D.O.Ca.). This wine type, with a 12.5% alcoholic concentration, owes its elegant appearance to the fermentation of the colourless pulp of white and black grapes – this fermentation gives the wines their varying shades of yellow. Our varieties of white wines have their own distinctive characteristics thanks to the many benefits of the climate in northern Spain and its fertile substratum allows vineyards to grow in all their splendour.

Each of our white wines owe their spectacular flavour to the famous wineries in brilliant La Rioja vineyards which have turned wine-making into a way of life; Superior to red varieties in aroma, body and diversity of flavour, white wine is best accompanied by seafood, white meats and many others, that are sure to impress even the most demanding foodies.

Thanks to the excellent work of our vineyard craftsmen and the quality of our vines, we can offer an incredible range of white wines of incomparable beauty, flavour and luxury. Experience the pleasure of tasting a perfect white wine; White by nature and perfected by the Mediterranean Spirit experts.

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