Signature Wine

Creativity, sophistication and unique expertise all go into making our Signature wines – they are true individual feats of wine-making, designed to seduce the eye, conquer the palate and invigorate the soul from the very first sip. At Mediterranean Spirit, you can find an assortment of exclusive signature wines that have been made from selected vines from the Navarra and La Rioja regions and the Mediterranean coastline.

Hours of genuine care and hard work from Jorge Sánchez and his team of wine-growing expert go into all of the Mediterranean Spirit Signature wines. This unique variety, made using the most exquisite grapes of the season, has a perfect balance between avant-garde and tradition. The flavours and aromas are so absorbing whilst the final woody after-taste to top it all off makes us come running back for more. The alcohol content and the acidity of the Signature Wines make them the perfect companion for seafood, white fish, Iberian hams and many other high-quality delicacies that are sure to impress even the most demanding foodies.

Aged in American and French Oak barrels, these signature products owe their success to the wine-making traditions of the La Rioja and Navarra regions, the base for our family wineries, which are protected by the D.O.Ca. Rioja and D.O. Navarra classifications whilst providing that perfect climate found in the Northern peninsular.

The essence of Mediterranean grapevines, enhanced with a personal touch and bottled in great elegance, is contained in the bottles of Mediterranean Spirit Signature wine. It is a collection on which Jorge Sánchez has stamped his own mark of originality, audacity and character – a collection intense in flavour and colour, where the extraordinary shines through with a special intensity.

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