Rose Wine

Despite red and white wines having been the main focus in viticulture over the years, rosé wines are second to none in terms of quality, appearance and taste. At Mediterranean Spirit, you can find a wide range of internationally-renowned rosés that have been aged in bottle and in French and American barrels for a minimum of 48 months. The enriching effect of time combined with the mastery of our wine producers from the Navarra and La Rioja regions truly bring our products to life.

With a distinctive smell, intriguing nuances and a taste as light as it is delicate, rosé wines are characterised by their freshness, fruity taste and cheerful spirit. Contrary to popular belief, this wine variety is not a mixture of red and white wine, nor is it a wine with bad-quality grapes or with a low alcohol concentration. The grapes used in its production are of the upmost quality and its alcohol concentration is usually around 12.5%. The essence of this gem of a wine comes from its rare contact with the pomaces during maceration (around 24 hours), and as a result it produces a colour that is less intense than its red counterpart.

Coming from well-known wineries, our rosé wines are the result of a long viticulture tradition which originates from the La Rioja and Navarra regions. Thanks to the climate benefits of the northern area of the Iberian Peninsula, these parts are home to some of the oldest vineyards in Europe and are protected by the D.O.Ca certificate - This should come as no surprise however, considering its growing national and international recognition amongst winegrowers, as well as its increasing demand across the world.

At Mediterranean Spirit, you can discover a high-quality rosé wine that is guaranteed to captivate you and enhance the flavours of meats and fish on sunny summer evenings, just as they would dazzle you all year round.

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