Now synonymous with vigour, serenity and the taste of the Mediterranean, sangria has managed to overcome its historically simple and insignificant image – it is now a well-regarded gourmet product; Here at Mediterranean Spirit, we produce a wide range of home-made sangrías, using the combination of completely natural ingredients and the expertise of a team of wine professionals.

Considered the quintessential summer drink, sangria has traditionally been the great ally of people in the Mediterranean to liven up hot summer days. The key ingredients in sangria are tempranillo red wine and macerated fruit - namely oranges, lemons, peaches and apples, with various additional ingredients ranging from peppermint to basil, cinnamon and cardamom. Tempranillo wine can be substituted for white wine producing a variation on the classic sangria. This variation is called clara and it has a fruity but invigorating taste and a natural elegance.

Sangria is the perfect drink to go with typical Mediterranean dishes such as Provencal style mussels, rice, fish and seafood. Sangria is best served with ice, soda or sugar.

Much of the success of sangria derives from the purity and quality of the red and white wines used in its preparation, all of which come from family wineries with vineyards situated in the La Rioja and Navarra regions - two historic locations renowned in international viticulture, which have been protected by the D.O Navarra certificate since 1932 and the D.O.Ca Rioja certificate since 1991.

Thanks to the brilliant work of our wine producers, Mediterranean Spirit’s sangrias are delicious, friendly and unique, and perfect for any occasion, at any time with any company. They don’t just refresh your palate, they refresh your life.

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